Our Editorial Policy

At Calculator Asphalt, our goal is to provide the most authoritative, trustworthy resources to help engineers, contractors, agencies, and property owners make informed decisions regarding asphalt pavements and materials. We achieve this through a rigorous editorial process centered on experience, expertise, technical accuracy, and transparency.

Our Content Creation Process

With over 25 years working in asphalt and pavement engineering, I take great pride in creating reliable content.

In-Depth Investigation

Every article starts with exhaustive research into the topic, pulling from scholarly sources, industry publications, and my own hands-on expertise. No stone is left unturned in gathering accurate technical information.

Insightful Perspectives

The content goes beyond just facts. I provide valuable engineering perspectives explaining the why and how behind asphalt best practices based on real-world experience.

Thoughtful Explanations

Complex topics are broken down using clear, simplified language and visuals to ensure broad understanding. The goal is to educate, not overwhelm.

Rigorous Accuracy Standards

I hold the content to the highest accuracy standards before publishing.

Peer Review Process

Draft articles are reviewed by other veteran engineers to validate technical correctness and completeness.

Source Verification

Every fact and statistic is meticulously checked against authoritative references. Claims unsupported by evidence don’t make it through.

Updates Over Time

Published content is continually reviewed and updated to reflect current research and evolving best practices. We stay on the cutting edge.

Our Pledge to You

As a licensed civil engineer, I stand behind the integrity of everything we publish. Our aim is always empowering readers to make the smartest asphalt decisions through trustworthy expertise they can rely on. Please contact us if you ever have any questions!

Steve Axton, P.E.
Licensed Civil Engineer

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I'm Steve Axton, a dedicated Asphalt Construction Manager with over 25 years of experience paving the future of infrastructure. My journey with asphalt began by studying civil engineering and learning about core pavement materials like aggregate, binder and additives that compose this durable and versatile substance. I gained hands-on experience with production processes including refining, mixing and transporting during my internships, which opened my eyes to real-world uses on roads, driveways and parking lots. Over the past decades, I have deepened my expertise in asphalt properties like viscosity, permeability and testing procedures like Marshall stability and abrasion. My time with respected construction companies has honed my skills in paving techniques like milling, compaction and curing as well as maintenance activities like crack filling, resurfacing and recycling methods. I'm grateful for the knowledge I've gained about standards from Superpave to sustainability best practices that balance longevity, cost and environmental friendliness. It's been an incredibly rewarding career working with this complex material to build the infrastructure future.